Mitchell Family

Mitchell Family

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

With the cold weather and the fast approach to this year's Thanksgiving, I was reminiscing... OK so actually I was feeling a bit guilty about how far behind I am with my blogging and thought I would attempt to come one step closer to updating!  Plus, guess what we recently talked about in seminary...the importance of record keeping and journaling.  So, I'll use my guilt for motivation and take you back to Thanksgiving 2013...
The Mitchell Family headed to Destin, Florida to spend a fun filled week in the sand, in the water, in the the freezing cold!  It was so cold, yet we (I use the "we" loosely as I often did not include myself in the "brave" category!) still braved the sand and water!

Football on the beach is the best!

I love this picture of Kavan and Kirk so much!  :)

We always find time for napping and technology!

Oh, and for food!  We always eat so good during Thanksgiving week! :)

The smiles and "goofiness" that come from playing with cousins is awesome!

More bravery!

Kyler trying to decide if he really wants to go in the water!

And he did!  A couple of times!  He was frozen!  :)

The Air Museum is always amazing!
This picture was taken after the flight simulator.  Kavan and Collin went first, then Karlee and Kyler!  We couldn't see them, but we could hear them!  It was so funny, great entertainment! 
Now this picture is deceiving because it looks like a beautiful, sunshiny, warm day...not so!  I am telling you, bravery!

In all honesty, it could just be craziness...

but we do have some superheroes among us!  :)

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